Spireon launches optimized GPS mobile platform

Spireon has launched a new optimized GPS mobile platform and connected that platform to its FleetLocate and VehiclePath solutions.

With the new platform, FleetLocate and VehiclePath customers can access critical business data captured by the GPS Fleet Trackers with smartphones and tablets, the company said. Through the enhanced, easy-to-use and optimized interface, users can access vehicle, trailer, equipment and asset tracking histories as well as real-time vehicle information from their mobile browsers, with no need to download an app.

“Now it’s even easier for our customers to have the freedom and flexibility to manage their fleets using the latest features and functionality, right in the palms of their hands,” said Richard Pearlman, director of fleet product management.

Features include:

  • The ability to view vehicles, trailers, equipment and assets on a smartphone or tablet
  • Access vehicle history in real time
  • Works with mobile browsers. No need to download an App
  • Works on Android and iPhones
  • Automatic updates—no need to reload software

“A high percentage of our customers simply don’t have time to sit at a desk in the office to access the system. In fact, many business owners are out in the field themselves,” said Pearlman. “The mobile GPS tracking solution is a great tool that can be used to find out where their workers, vehicles, equipment, and assets are 24/7 — on-the-fly. This tool will ultimately help them improve their bottom lines.”

Fleet management software upgrades will also be automatically pushed out through the cloud, with no need to reload new firmware.

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