Sprint rebrands its business services

Sprint has rebranded its business offerings to help businesses more clearly connect understand how technology empowers employees.

The Sprint Business initiative features a new website, www.sprint.com/business, that features new ideas and executive thought leadership via a new blog, www.sprint.com/futureofwork, Sprint said.

The site features:

  • Collaboration tools to effectively tie together dispersed workers and teams, promoting teamwork.
  • Mobile security and management tools to minimize risk and empower road warriors who no longer work at traditional desks day in and day out.
  • Fleet and asset management tools that help keep a bird’s-eye view on a business’ assets in the field.
  • Mobile workforce management, bringing all the advantages of the office to field sales and service workers.
  • Enabling solutions that help businesses build and manage flexible, scalable, cloud-aware networks.

Sprint said the brand is distinct from its consumer segment and incorporates all of Sprint's business products and services. The campaign is designed to help businesses of all sizes understand and harness advanced collaboration and mobility tools in order to keep their employees engaged, productive and working better together so the business can grow faster.

“Companies have been investing in all kinds of technology; but the way we see it, people are the core asset to any business. Which means the role of all that technology is to make sure your people are more engaged when they work – to make sure they enjoy their work,” said Jeff Hallock, chief marketing. “Only then can they help you rise to the crucial challenges of change, complexity and competition.”

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