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Opus9 Photo: Opus9
A screenshot of the digital platform from Opus9.

Start-up Opus9 launches digital freight platform

A new start-up firm known as Opus9 launched earlier this week, and said it has developed a digital platform focused on optimizing shipping for truckload and less-than-truckload freight.

Based in Sunnyvale, CA, Opus9 said its real-time pricing algorithm offers instant pricing to shippers and bid opportunities to carriers without requiring logging into an account. The company operated as a third-party logistics firm for one year before launching the digital platform. 

“Our innovation and creativity lies not only in the simplicity of the service, but also in the highest level of sales and operation efficiency which reduces human effort cost by 30%. In order to achieve this goal, we have automated the process from quotes to payment,” said Alex Ryu, founder and CEO.

The company said in a statement that shippers have an opportunity to book up to six days in advance, prices are displayed in a few clicks, and rates are guaranteed.

For time-sensitive shipments, same-day pickup is possible if the booking is placed before a certain times, Opus9 said. During shipping, proactive alerts are sent if there are any delays.

Carriers have the possibility to set their own rate and bid as they wish. In addition, drivers are able to choose their preferred lanes.

Opus9 said it is committed to fast payment after the load has been delivered.

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