Strategic alliance to provide automated, cardless fleet fueling

Providers eFueling Technologies and QuikQ team up

Austin, TX-based eFueling Technologies,a provider of automated fleet fueling software and transaction processing equipment for automated unattended fueling, today announced a strategic alliance with Franklin, TN-based truckstop fuel transaction processor QuikQ.  The agreement introduces eFueling to the 54-billion gallon per year truckstop market, and expands QuikQ’s product line to serve unattended-terminal business opportunities. Terms of the arrangement are confidential.

According to eFueling it has “leveraged a long-history serving the fleet fueling industry to develop an innovative line of modular, RF-capable equipment designed to accept a wider variety of cards, improve reliability and serviceability, streamline fueling operations, reduce keypad errors  and enhance security while easing billing and accounting.”  These benefits combine to make fleet fueling operations faster and easier for users and more profitable for operators, the company noted.

QuikQ technology allows a carrier to directly interface its enterprise software solution to a truckstop fuel vendor's point-of-sale system, “eliminating the need for expensive fleet fuel cards and third-party billing, introducing a host of cost-saving efficiencies between the carrier and truckstop,” eFueling pointed out.

What’s more, the firms stated they are working together to serve both truckstop and terminal fleet markets with a cardless system in which the entire fueling transaction is activated, managed and tracked through RF communication. Primary benefits of such an RF-based system are streamlined user operation, reduced shrinkage and more accurate accounting and billing.

“Teaming with QuikQ gives us a jumpstart in the expansive truckstop market,” said Kyle Sale, executive vice president of eFueling. “We are equally excited about the enhanced efficiencies QuikQ helps us bring to the unattended terminal fueling market.”

"DFConnect is designed to automate the entire fuel transaction process from A to Z," said Ernie Betanourt, president of QuikQ. "Whether it's ending a transaction once the vehicle leaves the fueling zone or incorporating bus data into the fueling process, our goal is to team up with such companies as eFueling to continually bring new features and offerings to our customers."



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