Supply chain information available via smartphones, tablets

Accellos has released AccellosOne Mobile, a series of mobile applications for smartphones and tablets that provide real-time access to supply chain information.

The applications are designed to take advantage of Windows 8 features like Snap, Search, Semantic Zoom, Share, multi-touch and personalization, Accellos said.

 The first release of AccellosOne Mobile consists of AccellosOne Inspection and AccellosOne Pulse.  AccellosOne Inspection is designed for supply chain managers to easily implement inspection surveys which are administered using Windows 8 tablets. According to Accellos, typical uses for such inspection surveys include product inspection, trailer inspection and vehicle inspections. 

AccellosOne Pulse is the supply chain intelligence component of the AccellosOne suite and provides real-time supply chain metrics and key performance indicators. 

Both applications will be available directly from Accellos as sideloaded Windows Store apps.

”We’ve long believed that there are great supply chain uses for tablet computing.  Now with Windows 8, we can deliver innovative tablet apps running in an environment that also offers access to the common Windows apps that our customers run every day”, said Ross Elliott, Accellos’ chief technology officer.

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