Sylectus mobile app quickly gaining followers

Transportation management software (TMS) provider Sylectus said that its new Android-based mobile app has been adopted or is currently in testing with 30% of its customers after just five months of availability.

The mobile application enables drivers to view and update trip information and dispatch personnel to track driver and load status in real-time. It integrates Omntiracs’ Driver Workflow, which enables carriers to automate workflow for a more fluid, intuitive driver experience.

Sylectuc is a business unit of Omnitracs.

“The rapid growth in mobile technology in the trucking industry is clear—most drivers already own personal mobile devices, with many using Android-powered mobile phones and tablets, so creating an application that can reside on these devices to make their jobs easier makes perfect sense,” said Stuart Sutton, president and CEO of Sylectus. Sutton added, “Sylectus’ SaaS, web-based TMS is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the employee-owned device phenomenon, and we look forward to continuing to develop mobile applications to help our customers increase productivity and grow their businesses.”

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