Telematics helps Lucas Tree Experts get the job done

When it comes to successfully managing its fleet, maintaining equipment, and, just getting the job done, Lucas Tree Experts relies on telematics software.  Lucas Tree Experts provides tree, vegetation management and storm restoration services for utility and commercial customers across New England, the southeastern U.S. and Canada. It also provides residential tree and lawn services to customers in Southern Maine.

Lucas first started using Telogis as its telematics software provider in 2005. Since then, the company has been able to shrink the size of its fleet, yet work more efficiently, co-owner and chief financial officer Art Batson III told Fleet Owner.  Telogis helps Lucas leverage two-way communication between vehicles and management, with liability problems during accident investigations, and to ensure workers are driving safely and efficiently.

Much of Lucas’ work comes from utility companies and getting called in to restore services during and after major storms. Telogis, Batson said, improved the process for expediting restoration efforts after a storm.

Lucas’ fleet comprises 400 vehicles and nearly 500 trailers and other pieces of equipment attached to the trucks.

All photos courtesy of Lucas Tree Experts.

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