Telematics solution reveals KPIs in real time GE CEO Jeff Immelt discussing how the "Industrial Internet" will transform how information is leveraged in the workplace

Telematics solution reveals KPIs in real time

According to GE Capital Fleet Services (GECFS), its new telematics solution, Intelligent Operations, lets fleet managers “visualize key performance indicators in real-time to better understand the scope of their service markets, customers, drivers and overall fleet performance.”

Developed by GECFS’ telematics strategic consulting team with input from GECFS customers, the solution’s customizable dashboard allows managers of delivery and service fleets to track where their drivers and vehicles are and how they’re performing.

GECFS said that by analyzing the metrics that are most important to their operations, fleet managers can reduce costs, minimize unplanned downtime and increase both driver safety and productivity.

The dashboard, which features color-coded charts, graphs and vehicle “heat maps,” makes it easy to “evaluate profitability by realizing the costs associated with servicing specific customers.”

Intelligent Operations tracks client-centric metrics such as the number of visits made to customer locations, the average stop time during visits and total travel distance. In addition, the platform also measures driver-centric metrics, including daily travel time, average time of customer/service stops and engine idling time.

“By combining real-time industrial data with insight from GE experts, Intelligent Operations allows fleet managers to make informed decisions and put actionable productivity plans in place,” said Mike Mrosko, telematics product leader at GECFS. 

“We provide the tools and resources to help our customers aggregate, analyze and simplify the tremendous amount of telematics data they have, thereby optimizing their fleet’s operations,” he added.

GECFS, based in Eden Prairie, MN, is a global fleet-management company. 

Click here to access a white paper titled “The Industrial Internet @ Work,” written by GE chief economist Marco Annunziata and Peter Evans, GE’s director of Global Strategy & Analytics. The authors delve into how global industryis being dramatically changed by  “connecting more intelligent machines, advanced analytics, and people at work” and how  this process will “transform the way in which we can leverage information and collaborate in the workplace.”

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