Teletrac releases new tablet

Teletrac releases new tablet

Teletrac has unveiled a new interactive tablet that includes easy-to-use navigation and safety capabilities, the company said.

The new Fleet Director Tablet also includes electronic driver logs, onboard navigation, lane guidance, and two-way messaging. It includes an in-cab color touchscreen and interactive display that includes detailed color mapping and an array of map viewing options.

To make it easy to use, the tablet comes with a Qwerty keyboard. Drivers can search locations by address, zip code, city, intersections or points of interest. Turn-by-turn voice instructions guide drivers using the most efficient route available, Teletrac said.

A vehicle’s route, speed, distance to the destination, estimated time of arrival and current time are continuously displayed across the bottom of the map. The lane guidance feature alerts drivers of the appropriate lane to be in when an exit or turn is coming up.

The system’s two-way messaging allows drivers to alert dispatch upon arrival at job sites, departures, availability, customer information, and other job details. Split-screen technology can also display incoming messages even while turn-by-turn instructions are displayed.


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