Telogis introduces Navigation 5

Telogis introduces Navigation 5

ORLANDO, FL.Telogis unveiled the company’s newest version of its navigation system at the American Trucking Associations’ annual Management Conference & Exhibition here this week. Telogis Navigation 5 (also sold through partners as “NaviGo powered by Telogis”) will be available this fall as an extension of Telogis’ location intelligence platform.

The all-new, Cloud-based Telogis Navigation 5 features:

  • New look and feel: All-new user interface (UI) including major enhancements to style, color scheme, menus and ease-of-use
  • Junction view: Shows drivers a clearer vision of complex maneuvers in order to more safely navigate through freeway/highway exits, interchanges and junctions
  • Upgraded community-based navigation: Addition of two-way communication to close the loop with drivers who provide feedback on road conditions and routes
  • Highway signage: Detailed, realistic highway signs that mirror actual signage within the UI help drivers make safer key directional decisions
  • Driver alerts: Drivers will now be informed of road status information including speed, weather, traffic, terrain, sharp turns and other critical safety-related events

Fleets that use Telogis Navigation also automatically connect their drivers to a community-based network of more than 120,000 individual drivers who continually provide real-time feedback on road conditions, road restrictions and truck-safe routes, making the data provided by Telogis Navigation some of the most accurate and timely in the industry, according to the company. The result can mean as much as a 6% reduction in total miles.

 “We spent a lot of time with our current customers [as we were developing version 5],” Erin Cave, director of product management for Telogis Navigation told Fleet Owner.“We listened…Anytime you can tell drivers where to be careful, it’s a plus.

“Safety is a big deal for our fleets,” Cave continued. “Our community of 120,000 drivers are using the system daily and they can give us feedback directly in real time. That feedback comes to our customer services group and also to their fleet. This enables us to redirect drivers in real-time. We can also give feedback to drivers via e-mail---‘We got your message and have acted on it.’”

According to Cave, this acknowledgment to drivers who provide important feedback helps to give them a sense of community and underscores their importance to the operation’s success as a whole.

Telogis Navigation 5 also sends alerts out to fleets every hour during crisis events, such as Super Storm Sandy, to let them know why drivers are being rerouted, Cave noted.

“When navigating an 80,000-pound vehicle through traffic, bad weather, complex interchanges and final-mile approaches, drivers want know that they have a simple means of accessing the most accurate road data and truck-safe routes,” said Newth Morris, president, Telogis Route and Navigation. “We worked closely with customers on Navigation 5 to meet the complex needs of today’s drivers and integrate the features they wanted most. The enhancements we’ve made will help drivers maximize safety, productivity and uptime while driving down out-of-route miles and fuel waste.”

For Telogis, the new navigation system also signals the ten year-old company’s intention to expand its market reach beyond the biggest OTR fleets that were its earliest adopters.  


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