Telogis moves telematics into the wearable space

Telogis moves telematics into the wearable space

New partnership with Apple opens door to automating processes via wearable devices that once required pens and clipboards, telematics firm says.

At its annual user group meeting, telematics firm Telogis announced that it is one of several companies partnering with Apple to bring telematics capability to wearable devices such as the Apple Watch in order to more closely connect vehicles, equipment and people.

During the yearly Telogis Latitude business conference, being held this week at the St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point, CA, Telogis said Apple is working with “a select group of business software and solution providers” that will help it create a “mobile extension” of its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based telematics platform.

“Working directly with Apple to build extraordinary user experiences into apps like Telogis Coach brings our customers a level of ease, familiarity and functionality that makes work on an iPad,  iPhone or Apple Watch more productive and more fun,” noted David Cozzens, Telogis’ CEO, in a statement.

“The mission-critical nature of connecting everything in a business to the Internet of Things (IoT) – vehicles, people and customers – is a given, and we continue to innovate by delivering the same high-quality iOS user experience to enterprise customers that they expect on the consumer side,” he added.

The key to the “wearable device” connection is how it will link vehicles and equipment to people, automating processes that once required pens and clipboards or dash-mounted hardware.

That will help companies with large numbers of people who work outside of its “four walls” to stay connected in order to improve safety and productivity while identifying areas where gains in efficiency can be made, Cozzens pointed out.

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