Thermo King integrates its telematics system with iSeries software

Thermo King has announced an integration of its TracKing telematics system with Add On Systems’ (AOS) iSeries software. The combined solution increases operational efficiency, fleet up-time and improves on-time delivery, the company said.

TracKing is a web-based refrigerated trailer and temperature monitoring system that provides end-to-end visibility of cargo and assets over the road, on rail cars and in the yard. The system enables refrigerated fleets to monitor assets, lower operating costs and improve response times while maintaining the highest food safety and quality standards.

“Valuable partnerships like the one with AOS are part of a robust third-party software integration plan that Thermo King has in place to ensure that TracKing meets our customers’ need to optimize fleet performance,” said Gayatri Abbott, director of smart products and telematics for Thermo King. “The integrated solution offers application compatibility which makes full fleet monitoring easier and more efficient by streaming fleet data to one system.”

TracKing captures data like cargo temperature, Thermo King refrigeration unit parameters, real-time alarms, trailer location, door openings and fuel levels that are communicated to the customer’s host system for display on AOS user screens. The AOS module notifies customers in near real-time when a refrigeration unit alarm or event occurs.

AOS users will continue to access the TracKing web interface for value-added features like remote download of the Thermo King controller and datalogger, remote OptiSet Plus to pre-set refrigeration unit parameters based on cargo profiles, WiFi capability and have full two-way control over their refrigerated fleet, Thermo King said.

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