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Thermo King intros T-90 Series TRUs with telematics hardware  

Thermo King recently introduced its next-generation T-90 Series of truck transport refrigeration units (TRU) with standard integrated telematics hardware that connects fleets with their cargo.

Fleets can activate TracKing with the flip of a switch to easily monitor, control and analyze their refrigerated fleet operations, the company said. The premium Human Machine Interface (HMI) improves usability, diagnostic capabilities, and ease of use.

“Our customers need simple and powerful access to manage their fleet and temperature down to the smallest detail,” said Carl Breczinski, truck product manager for Thermo King North America. “The Thermo King T-90 Series helps fleets customize their operating parameters to uphold the quality of their cargo while improving fuel savings and ensuring uptime.” 

According to the company, when compared to competitive units, the T-90 burns less fuel as the unit cools and reduces the hours that the engine runs to decrease costs and save energy, including:

  • Up to 50% quicker temperature pulldown and up to 48% less fuel used while pulling down to a set point
  • Up to 30% faster recovery time after door opening 
  • Up to 35% less fuel consumption and 25% less engine run time throughout a full day of use

The SR Control System’s controller ensures accurate temperature control and efficient operation, saving fuel and uptime, Thermo King claimed.

Thermo King T-90

OptiSet Plus optimizes and locks in operating parameters to maximize fuel efficiency and cargo temperature control for the end customer’s specific needs. Consistent temperature set points and ranges best match the needs of the truck while eliminating guesswork for the driver.

The latest Thermo King reciprocating compressors, improved coil designs, and optimized engine management are said to increase cooling capacity up to 35%. Customers can choose from the T-90 MAX models, which deliver industry-leading refrigeration capacity, the company said. The MAX models feature larger coils and heat exchangers, optimized compressor and engine speeds, and a sound-reduction kit that delivers quieter performance.

Additional features include:

  • 2,000 hours of extended interval maintenance. Fleets can reduce environmental impact and downtime with the T-90 Series TRU.
  • The optional SmartPower Electric Standby system runs the refrigeration unit on electric power when stationary so fleets can lower fuel costs up to 75%, reduce engine wear and decrease emissions.


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