TMW’s ExpertFuel now seamlessly integrated with ALK’s CoPilot Truck

NASHVILLE. ALK Technologies and TMW Systems announced here today at the TMW TransForum User Conference that TMW’s ExpertFuel software is now “seamlessly integrated” with ALK’s CoPilot Truck in-cab navigation solution, via the TMWSuite and TotalMail systems. 

The companies said this integration allows users to reduce a fleet’s fuel expenses and out-of-route mileage by automating route planning and ensuring route compliance.

Using ALK’s RouteSync capability—which “links the back office to the cab”-- ExpertFuel accepts detailed customer coordinates and creates a turn-by-turn route plan that can be sent directly to the CoPilot Truck application running on a mob-com device in the cab. 

Via the integration, ALK said that the driver receives spoken, turn-by-turn directions to all assigned customer and fueling stops, “making it possible for a driver to easily and safely follow the dispatched fuel optimization plan.”

To ensure fleet-wide route compliance, CoPilot Truck provides management the opportunity to control how the navigation reacts when a driver goes off-route.

“CoPilot Truck and ExpertFuel are a perfect combination for fleets focused heavily on fuel savings, and in today’s market, who isn’t?” remarked Dan Popkin, ALK’s senior vp of enterprise solutions. “Generating a cost-effective route plan is the first step; providing the driver the tools to follow it is the crucial second step that we’re pleased to deliver to our joint customers.” 

“These technologies are a great match for one another and offer a new level of automation, safety and driver satisfaction to our customers,” said David McKinney, TMW principal of business intelligence & optimization.

“Now drivers can automatically receive turn-by-turn commercial navigation to their cab which reflects the equipment they are using, the commodity they are hauling and company routing and fueling preferences," he addd. "This will prove to be very beneficial for drivers, especially those new to the road.”


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