TMW Systems rolls out bumper crop of innovation

At its annual TransForum Users Group Conference, held this week in Orlando, FL, transportation-management systems (TMS) provider TMW Systems rolled out a range of enhancements and integrations across its extensive product line.

“The growth of TMW Systems over the past six years,” said David Wangler, president & CEO of TMW Systems in his keynoter at the meeting, “reflects the company’s strategy to expand from providing dispatch software for asset-based trucking companies to delivering a much broader platform that can support the additional TMS needs of 3PLs, intermodal and freight forwarders, private fleets and brokers.

“Technology solutions specific to these types of operations are now available within a single TMW software platform,” he added, “joining the robust business capabilities already available to for-hire carriers across all industry segments, including TL and LTL, liquid and dry bulk, intermodal, dedicated contract carriage, flatbed, fuel carriers and oilfield services.”

Wangler also noted that this year TMW is “introducing significant new business intelligence tools called Transport Analytics Visual Solutions that build on our TMW Data Warehouse product. These new solutions benefit from centralized and normalized data that can span several operations and applications, from vehicle tracking and performance to order and shipment details to asset maintenance activities.

“The first targets for our new Transport Analytics solutions will prove immediately recognizable to truckload carriers-- Utilization, Unscheduled Maintenance and Fuel Management,” he added. “All three have a demonstrated impact on company profitability and operating efficiency.”

Key enhancements and new developments announced for TMW’s Optimization group include:

·         ExpertFuel

Added consideration for Diesel Exhaust Fluid availability in fueling networks

Added Hours-of-Operation detail for fuel stop planning

Added EFS and Comdata sources of nationwide diesel pricing data

·         IDSC Netwise integration with the TMW Data Warehouse

·         IDSC Netwise, IDSC MatchAdvice, IDSC ExpertFuel and IDSC TripAlert gain a web-based management and reporting portal enabling additional analysis capabilities

·         Integration of all products to electronic driver log solutions from PeopleNet, Qualcomm, and DriverTech

·         New Location Analysis consulting service applies proprietary hub analytics algorithms to freight movements for the purpose of analyzing historical flow densities across lanes, regions and business activities

Uses freight flow patterns to evaluate new or existing facilities such as terminal locations and maintenance facilities in order to minimize unproductive mileage in freight networks

Rationalize and right-size existing facility networks regularly to match new shipment flows and changing business patterns as customers and volumes shift over time

Support decisions to increase or decrease location capacities, staffing resources, driver recruiting activities for certain domiciles and location viability with concrete, objective information to drive cost-effective operations

·         TMW Data Warehouse and Data Warehouse Explorer

Creates a common analytical database across TMW products and third-party data sources

Supports exploratory data mining and ad-hoc data reporting without requiring IT expertise to write SQL scripts or other programs

Simple exports to create and share reports throughout organization in multiple formats

·         Transport Analytics Visual Solutions

Each solution targets a specific transportation business challenge: Utilization, Unscheduled Maintenance and Fuel Management are the first to be released

Delivers proven best practices through visual KPI displays by connecting underlying metrics spanning a range of departments and activities and multiple data sources to identify contributing factors

Dashboard presentation of cross-organizational business metrics influencing the target also offers drill-down capability for deeper research and analysis


The TMW Transportation Modeler is the first new product—based on joint technology developments with other TMW product lines—introduced by the Appian group since TMW acquired the former Appian Logistics Software firm in 2011.

New enhancements, integrations and products announced for Appian products include:

·         TMW Transportation Modeler

Model orders and shipments—Balance transportation demand with shipper requirements and carrier capacity

Evaluate mode shifts and costs savings

Model consolidation scenarios—LTL to truckload consolidations and parcel to LTL consolidations

Model new markets—evaluate future demand on current capacity to identify optimal scenarios to expand network including internal assets versus outsourcing


·         DirectRoute

Added stop filters to simplify map displays

New multi-compartment tanker stop routing and detail feature, suited for oil and gas delivery

Algorithm enhancements to filter out backhaul opportunities that would exceed specific, user-customizable, out-of-route travel limits by maximum mileage or maximum  percentage and an “LTL Cost” option to compare both backhaul and other stops for lowest transport cost with own fleet assets or external carriers

Mixed delivery and pickup activities at stop locations

Route sequencing options to favor certain stops at the beginning of a route or to force certain stops as first or last on a route

Closer integration with TMW transportation management products: Innovative IES, TMWSuite and TruckMate


·         ResourcePro

New algorithm for improved solution quality and multi-week scheduling

Added capability for Trailer Scheduling


·         DRTrack

A refreshed user-interface with advanced controls that increase application performance, provide a cleaner look and more extensive user customization

Integration with D2Link for expanded handheld device options

Customizable email alerts for trip exceptions

Auto-tuning for account geo-locations based on actual lat/long readings

SQL reporting options, including ‘completed order’ data

Auto-suggest other stop options based on historical data before finalizing routes

Analyze future orders to see if they can be dispatched today

Drag and drop controls for dramatically faster route edits

Integrations with NexTraq, Networkfleet, International Telematics and Teletrac



Expanded functionality and new development investments for Innovative IES, Access and Access Plus TMS software were announced by TMW. Now available is Version R9.5 of the software for IBM i systems and R9.6 has been released for beta-testing with select customers.

TMW said a key feature is a “native browser-based graphical user interface” for its Innovative software, which was developed with the Profound UI tool from Profound Logic Software. The new user interface option offers configurable screens and mouse control, among other graphical features such as dashboards and maps.

Key enhancements and integrations announced for Innovative include:

·         Carrier411 integration for verification of carrier qualifications such as insurance coverage and CSA information

·         Integration of the Innovative database with TMW Data Warehouse to provide access to the expanding range of business intelligence tools from TMW, such as TMW Data Warehouse Explorer and Transport Analytics Visual Solutions

·         Integration with TMT Fleet Maintenance—SQL for customers who select this platform for their asset maintenance needs. This integration is in addition to the existing integration with TMT Fleet Maintenance—IBM i.

·         Integration with Appian DirectRoute for multi-stop routing and scheduling

·         Integration with electronic driver log features offered by Qualcomm and PeopleNet

·         Expanded brokerage functionality

·         Integration with the Command Center management dashboard and KPI display

·         Integration with QuickBooks for financials

·         FlexPay for owner/operators

·         Improved reporting functionality for View, Print and Export to Microsoft Excel

·         Risk Management module extended to automatically add pages to notes and comments and insert lines in existing notes



For users of TMWSuite software, the event launched enhanced capabilities and new modules designed to support a broad range of transportation business operations and types. TMNW said that the new features are interoperable to support the diversified transportation service provider, where many of these operations can exist side-by-side in a single business. TMWSuite customers can now expand their business to support 3PL services on their current TMS platform investment, the firm noted.

Key new modules and features introduced or significantly enhanced for TMWSuite are:

·         TMW Mode Planner—for customers with 3PL operations, automatically plans optimal shipments, optimizing based on mode and service delivery time, including consolidation of LTL to multi-stop truckload shipments; unique optimization algorithm includes decision support of company-owned equipment versus third-party contracted carrier use

·         Oilfield/Well Services business support, including job tickets and scheduling

·         Fuel TMS—supporting the needs of petroleum jobbers and retail fuel delivery fleets, this offering gains enhanced commodity forecasting, order imports to PCATS standards, automated rack invoice matching and a web services API

·         Mobile device support of the eStat and CarrierHub portal products—end users can benefit from reporting, tracking, and trip updates enabled and optimized for an Android or iOS-supported mobile device

·         Expanded LTL operations module in TMW Operations includes enhanced rating capabilities



TMW announced “significant new product capabilities”for customers of its TruckMate.  The new or enhanced modules address improved customer service, more efficient intermodal and multi-modal operations and warehouse management capabilities.

Key products introduced or significantly enhanced for TruckMate 2012 are:

·         TruckMate CRM—a customer relationship management module integrated with TruckMate transportation management software to improve visibility to customer and prospect information; supports efficiencies in sales, quote generation, customer service and backhaul solicitation

·         Warehouse Management—an integrated module designed for the administration of basic public warehousing services, supporting product location tracking, FIFO/LIFO options, storage billing and freight manifesting with TruckMate

·         Multimode Dispatch—this highly anticipated shipment planning and execution module for TruckMate is now available in general release, featuring extensively revised integrations to TMW’s Cross-dock Handheld, TMW D2Link®, and Appian DirectRoute

·         Cross-dock Handheld application—streamlined user interface, new features and improved capabilities to support cross-dock operations such as order, pallet, or piece-level trailer loading and unloading; location tracking; order merging and splitting; yard and hostler management; and worker productivity statistics

·         Container Depot—building on TruckMate’s strong intermodal business support, the Container Depot module has been upgraded for improved visibility to container status, gate in/out activities, yard locations and repair and maintenance exceptions




TMW also revealed what it termed major new product capabilities for customers of its Asset Maintenance Software: TMT Fleet Maintenance—SQL and TMT Fleet Maintenance—IBM i.


New features or modules announced for TMT Fleet Maintenance—SQL and Service Center include:

·         Interactive Workstation in .NET—designed with a browser based touchscreen interface for shop-floor utility, this productivity module includes Mechanic Workstation and adds Gate In/Gate Out activity tracking, Yard Check features and Inbound Inspection Lane ticket support and is compatible with handheld tablets running Windows 7 

·         Integration and support for electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports through interfaces developed with leading mobile communications providers – PeopleNet, Qualcomm and Zonar

·         Tire Management Module—advanced tracking and reporting capabilities designed to support proper tire management including depth and pressure positional tracking as well as life-cycle cost comparisons across make and manufacturer

·         Support for automatic parts inventory replenishment based on service level, historical usage, forecasted period, lead time, order cycle time and seasonality

·         MOTOR Labor Time Standards—web-services-based integration for industry-standard labor times to establish benchmarks for costing, billing and planning activities by year, make and model. Additional features include VIN lookup and support of VMRS codes

·         Advanced reporting—building on Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), this offers a new library of highly customizable management reports with browser delivery. Features include user defined filtering, organization through folders, one click reporting, and simple report sharing


New features or modules announced for TMT Fleet Maintenance—IBM i include:

·         Web Edition—a browser-based rich graphical user interface across the entire product based on Profound UI and Apache Server; support for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox with multiple device support, including portable hand-helds and tablets with internet browsing capabilities

·         Inventory costing that now supports LIFO/FIFO and serialized parts

·         DVIR and Meter import interfaces with PeopleNet in-cab mobile communications systems


For more information about TMW Systems’ solutions, call 800.401.6682 or email [email protected]. Information can also be requested through the company’s website:






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