Tool enables fuel-purchase planning

Comdata has released a new advisor tool within its FleetAdvance solution that assists customers in proactively planning fuel stops with the best pricing opportunities along a route.

The FleetAdvance Advisor provides customers with real-time transaction data to help guide purchasing patterns, better manage fuel costs and improve driver behavior. It scores each fuel transaction as it occurs, comparing the net price drivers paid to what he or she could have paid.

“Our commitment to payment innovation and customer satisfaction in the fleet industry is demonstrated through FleetAdvance,” said Randy Morgan, executive vice president of fleet business. “The addition of the Advisor feature within FleetAdvance is designed to enhance customer experience and help move this great industry forward by providing a tool that not only outlines drivers’ fuel stops but helps ensure that smarter fuel decisions are made even before a trip begins.”

The Advisor tool is the third enhancement to FleetAdvance and allows customers to enter the details for an upcoming trip and receive information on the best-priced or scored fuel stops along the proposed route.

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