Transflo Express kiosks now offer Spanish, French

Pegasus TransTech has added Spanish and French as language choices to its Transflo Express kiosks available at truck stops.

With the growth of Transflo Express, Pegasus TransTech said it is adding the languages so drivers can use the scan stations in their native language.

The kiosks, available at many locations that offer Transflo Express, allow drivers to scan documents themselves for electronic delivery to the back office. The kiosks are currently available at 272 truck stops.

“The new bilingual capability of Transflo Express kiosks reflects the growth of trade among the United States and NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) partners,” said Bob Helms, chairman & CEO. “International trade has more than doubled since 1995 and continues to grow, exceeding pre-recession levels earlier this year. By far the largest share of that freight moves by truck. We’re pleased to provide a personal convenience that supports this important source of trucking business.”

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