TranSolutions offers cargo claim management system

TranSolutions announced it has released the industry’s first software system dedicated to helping carriers manage their cargo claims.

The company said it first made waves in the logistics industry with MyEZClaim, a software system designed to help shippers and 3PLs manage their freight claims and analyze trends to prevent future damage.

Now TranSolutions has developed a similar software system for carriers to manage claims being filed against them. “Up until this point, there has been no standalone software on the market designed to help carriers manage their claims,” according to the company. “CarrierClaim can be integrated with the company’s TMS, accounting software, or other internal systems, so there’s no need to uproot current systems in order to use the software.”

“This is something that carriers have been asking us to develop for a long time,” says Joe Celestina, director of business development for TranSolutions. “We’ve talked to dozens of carriers over the years. Carriers doing a couple billion dollars in sales are still managing their claims in an Excel spreadsheet, because that’s been the only option.”

“As a result of TranSolutions’ experience with the shipper side software, MyEZClaim, CarrierClaim comes with a specially designed, easy to use, and innovative capability: claim importing,” the company said. “When a carrier receives a claim from a client who uses MyEZClaim, they’ll be able to import the claim directly into their CarrierClaim system, with no need for data entry. And there’s lots of opportunity to use the feature – according to data from the major carrier Roadrunner Transportation Systems, 30% of their claims come from clients using MyEZClaim.”

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