Trimble adds features to Field Service Management solutions

Trimble adds features to Field Service Management solutions

Trimble has added new features to its Field Service Management (FSM) solutions designed to improve workflow visibility and streamline operations for businesses and mobile workers.

The features include an intelligent scheduling engine, FieldMaster Technician, and a downloadable app. The features are part of Trimble Horizon, a cloud-based dynamic platform for Trimble's FSM solutions and service.

“Empowering workers in the field with the collaborative tools and immediate information they need to manage their day effectively is a necessity when delivering service out in the field,” said John Cameron, general manager of Trimble Field Service Management. “These workers are constantly looking to solutions that provide them with the instant visibility to get to the right place at the right time with the information they need to do their job correctly the first time. The enhancements we are announcing today are integral to creating a more streamlined workflow and enabling a more dynamic workforce.”

The new Work Management 3.1 solution will now support multiple crew assignments and equipment bookings. Several technicians can be assigned to a task for improved efficiency, Trimble said. In addition, a specific piece of equipment can be booked against a task to better manage assets and resources.

FieldMaster Technician includes the ability for a technician to copy or create a task on site so they can carry out and account for work immediately. Site history can also be accessed and viewed in the app, allowing the technician to arrive with the necessary knowledge of work previously carried out. Details of each crew member assigned to a task and the tools that have been booked can be viewed, enabling the improved visibility of resources. In addition, technicians are now able to upload forms and photos to attach to a task or job.

FieldMaster Technician 1.2 will also send the mobile workers’ location from their GPS-enabled smartphone or tablet in real-time. This allows businesses to better understand the progress of their field operations and dispatch work based on a technician's accurate location.

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