TripPak Mobile now available on Android

TripPak Services has released its TripPak Mobile 6.0 to the Android Marketplace. It is also available in the iTunes Store.

The mobile scanning solution includes auto corner detection to help with image cropping, de-skewing of images, image rotation, and a document scoring management tool to help ensure image quality.

Details on the features are:

  • Image rotation – While in the Review stage, drivers can rotate images using the “image rotate” icon at the bottom of the screen. This helps ensure readability and provides enhanced quality for document delivery.
  • Image de-skewing – If photos are taken at an angle, the app has the ability to correct those angles and allows for better image capture prior to submission.
  • Auto corner detection –In the upgrade, TripPak MOBILE automatically detects the corners of a document and eliminates unnecessary content prior to submission. Additionally, each corner can be adjusted independently for more accurate document processing.
  • Document scoring – In 6.0, each document is scored on the driver’s mobile device, providing the user with immediate feedback on the overall quality. If the score does not meet the threshold established by the carrier, it is rejected and drivers are asked to capture a better image before submitting the document.
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