TripPak Services adds trending and analysis reporting

TripPak Services has released TripPak Rapidlog Executive Reporting & Trending, a new service to its log auditing solution. This new release offers fleets insight and trending regarding types of violations, analysis of individual violation data points, and options for drilling down into specific data.

“This new release for TripPak Rapidlog supports our continued initiative to provide fleets with valuable data and insight to help them better run their business,” said Kelley Walkup, senior vice president.  “This reporting and trending analysis gives fleets the ability to be more proactive in their safety and compliance efforts.”

The releases features both violation trending and violation analysis.

The violation analysis reporting allows fleets to:

  • Break down violation trending by terminal, location or other group requested.
  • Analyze data regarding specific violation types (Form & Manner, Missing Logs, Hours of Service, etc.).
  • Examine details of data points for all violation types.
  • Easily export data to PDF and/or Excel file formats.

The violation trends reporting allows fleets to:

  • Run high-level or detailed trending reporting on violation trends.
  • View trending information for specific violations within company groups, terminals, or locations.
  • Choose specific date ranges for data viewing and analysis.
  • Easily select specific data points to view and analyze by violation type, date range, etc.


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