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Truck-tech pioneer joins startup Doft

Doft – Do Freight Transportation – announced trucking technology pioneer David Gee has joined the startup to add insight and dimension to the new industry service.

“Gee is experienced and respected in the field of trucking technology dating back to 1977, when he founded transportation brokerage company, Virginia Highway, Inc.,” according to Doft.  “As brokerages transformed to logistics companies, Gee integrated game-changing technology and renamed the company to VHI Transport Inc., in 1992. Continuing with his career in trucking transportation, Gee became one of four original owners of the national load board,, in 1999. The company was sold in 2008 for $75 million.”

Gee became involved with Doft after learning of its quick access to qualified carriers through mobile apps. “This is an incredible new frontier that will have a huge impact on the evolving transportation markets,” stated Gee. He described the staff at Doft as “reminiscent of the startup team at Getloaded as we launched one of the largest and most successful technology enterprises of its time.”  He added, “I expect no less from Doft."

Doft stated it is similar to ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft. It connects trucks and shippers within two minutes, the company added.

Doft said it helps small shippers find haulage in short time frames. Faced with the immediate need to unload their warehouse, companies will no longer need to engage in time consuming truck searches, the company added. With Doft, SMEs can solve their last-minute shipment problems even when orders come in late.

“We are absolutely ecstatic to be joined by someone as prominent and expert in trucking technology as David Gee,” says Doft CEO and co-founder Dmitri Fedorchenko. “With David on board, we have important depth into the day-to-day operations of truckers, brokers and shippers that will assist in rapid integration with technology currently in use in the industry. Benefits to both shippers and carriers are enormous.”

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