Trucker Tools’ Load Track integrates with Revenova TMS

Trucker Tools, provider of the driver smartphone app and automated Load Track platform, announced a new Load Track integration with Revenova that delivers shipment visibility to the shippers, brokers and third-party logistics companies that use the cloud-based Revenova TMS system.

According to the company, the integration of the Load Track platform with Revenova TMS gives users an automated shipment tracking option as part of its intuitive and highly configurable workflow.

“The Revenova TMS is already steps ahead in terms of improving the process of moving freight. We are delighted to partner with Revenova to further extend its value with an automated Load Track process,” said Prasad Gollapalli, CEO of Trucker Tools.

By clicking on any load in Revenova TMS, users see a Load Detail record with all of the pertinent information neatly organized into objects. To initiate the Load Track, users click the “Tracking Log” object and enter the time they wish to start the Load Track and select a geo-fence perimeter such as “5 miles.”

The system uses the geofences to trigger instant arrival and departure notifications when drivers have completed pickups and deliveries. The Load Track integration also gives Revenova TMS users visibility of loads as routes progress and the ability to read and respond to instant messages from drivers.

“The Load Track integration provides a differentiating value for Revenova TMS by automatically communicating all pickup and drop-off activities as well as the ETA delivery status of loads. Drivers can capture images of proof-of-delivery documents, and the system automatically generates an invoice to increase efficiency and accelerate cash flow for our customers,” said Dave Craigmile, Chief Technology Officer of Revenova.

Pricing for the integrated Load Track feature starts at $1.05 per load for users with high load volumes. Location updates for loads in Revenova TMS are in virtual real-time with no limitations on the number of days and stop events from pickup to final delivery.

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