TruckerLine, Zendrive partner to help truckers post driving scores

TruckerLine announced it has partnered with Zendrive, which specializes in smartphone driver safety analytics that gives truckers the ability to add a “driving score” to their professional profile.

Developed by Outset Partners, TruckerLine enables drivers to build complete career profiles with essential paperwork, and then provide interested parties one-click access to that information. TruckerLine is designed to allow drivers to better market themselves in the industry, apply for jobs and stay in touch with other drivers.

With the new partnership, TruckerLine users can “record” specific drives via Zendrive smartphone technology to measure driving behaviors. These measurements produce a driver score that can be used by the driver on TruckerLine to provide additional insight into their professional ability, reputation, and history.

“Zendrive’s technology is another step for TruckerLine’s drivers to bolster their career reputations with an accurate measurement of their skills,” said TruckerLine co-founder & CTO Pat Fowler. “This technology provides additional peace-of-mind for employers, brokers and shippers with a tangible measurement that adds to certifications and experience to create a full picture of any professional driver.”

According to the company, Zendrive’s Driver-Centric Analytics measure a driver’s caution, control, and focus while on the road to attach a score, or— “reputation index”—to drivers. The score is reflective of a wide variety of factors including speeding, hard brakes, sharp accelerations, swerving, length of time driving, time of day, and many more.

“Zendrive technology is designed to reward safe, efficient and conscientious drivers,” said Zendrive CEO Jonathan Matus. “In addition, we want to provide drivers with insights into their tendencies and behavior to help them improve over time, making them more attractive to employers and better professionals overall.”

The TruckerLine application is available for download through the Google Play and Apple app stores for smartphones and tablets.

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