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TruGreen app delivers real-time location tracking with Glympse and Verizon Connect technology
With the integration of Glympse and Verizon Connect technology, professional lawn care provider TruGreen's customers can make service adjustments and track a lawn care specialist's arrival on a live map down to the minute.

TruGreen offers live-view map service tracking with Glympse, Verizon Connect tech

It's a little like watching a Lyft or Uber car move along a map on its way to picking you up. Location-sharing software developer Glympse and fleet and mobile workforce management systems company Verizon Connect have teamed up to deliver a more adept, real-time customer service experience for TruGreen, a national professional lawn care provider based in Memphis, TN.

Glympse integrated its location technology with the Verizon Connect field service software platform that TruGreen uses to plan service routes, track customer jobs, and monitor driver safety. TruGreen noted it routes more than 100,000 service jobs to residential and commercial customers each day with the Verizon Connect platform.

Glympse and Verizon Connect worked closely with TruGreen, according to the companies, to provide information on location, arrival time, and job information for work requests and lawn care specialist visits. Customers can now get a link by text, email, or notification through the TruGreen app or their mobile device to view the latest service timing information provided by Glympse.

Customers can also reschedule the appointment using the system. Once the TruGreen service specialist is on the way to the appointment, customers can view the specialist's current location and estimated time of arrival to the minute.

"Many of our customers want to know when their specialist will arrive so they can be home or be sure that pets are secure and gates are unlocked, so it's critical that we are able to share updates and ETAs," said Ken DeWitt, chief information officer at TruGreen.

Pairing Glympse technology with the Verizon Connect platform has streamlined customer communication and also made TruGreen's customer inquiry system more responsive, DeWitt added. TruGreen is now looking to integrate the tech with its IVR, for interactive voice response, self-service system.


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