TST is widening distribution of its tire-pressure monitoring system

Truck System Technologies, Inc. (TST) is releasing its 507SCE  tire-pressure monitoring system in Travel Centers of America stores, Flying J stores, and even Bass Pro Shops (for boat trailers) early this year.

In addition, TST has announced that PACCAR Parts will also be distributing its system, effective in the first quarter.

“Several top 30 trucking companies are using the system and integrating it into their fleets,” said Daniel Covington, TST’s president & CEO. “These systems are in use, commercially viable, and providing a valuable, cost-saving solution for companies using them.

Covington noted that TST started in the RV industry, working with Camping World as their initial distribution channel, and has since developed “products specifically geared to the rigors of the commercial transport industry.

“With the 507SCE system’s ability to allow for custom high- and low-alert parameters,” he continued, “companies can now monitor tires on a per-axle basis.  This affords our clientele the ability to monitor up to 36 tires per truck, with differing PSI settings on a per-axle basis. 

“This feature accommodates and embraces trucking PSI requirements as common knowledge dictates that companies must run differing PSIs in the steer, drive, and even trailer axles.” Covington explained.

 “The 507SCE system also allows for easy trailer exchanging, and it integrates with the PSI inflation system and it reports tire temperature as well,” he added. “This feature will apprise drivers of tread separation, hanging brake calipers, and even bearings that are going bad before these calamities become catastrophic.”

TST has also developed internal sensors for both commercial and RV applications.

Covington added that fleets may schedule a complementary demonstration of the system at their own facility and that the company’s website includes a listing of retail outlets selling and supporting the systems.


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