TTI evaluates TomTom data

The Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) recently evaluated the historical traffic data collected and used by the navigation system provider TomTom for the city of Houston, TX, and discerned TomTom’s data can adequately substitute for or complement other types of highway and arterial traffic measurements.

“This evaluation conducted by a highly respected organization in the field, serves as an important reference for TomTom,” said Ralf-Peter Schäfer, head of TomTom’s traffic product unit. “The validation of speed measurements on both freeways and arterials further proves the quality of TomTom’s historical traffic data for the U.S.”

TTI compared TomTom data to measurements from traffic monitoring systems in Houston, TX. Altogether, Schäfernoted that TomTom’s historical traffic database contains over 6 trillion data points and provides what he calls “granular details” for more than 40 countries globally. 

By delivering travel time and speed data for any time of day and day of week from 2008, TomTom can enable government agencies, traffic planning consultancies and other organizations to conduct cost effective analysis that ultimately leads to a better understanding of where improvements in the road network can be achieved, he added.  

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