VDO RoadLog EOBR software updated to meet HOS rules

The new hours-of-service regulations that went into effect July 1 have been incorporated into the software of the VDO RoadLog electronic onboard recorder (EOBR) from Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket.

 “We are ready for the HOS changes. Our VDO RoadLog EOBR was designed to be flexible and easily software updatable in anticipation of HOS changes and new DOT compliance requirements. It can readily accept these rule changes,” said Alex Capelle, segment leader, trachograph, telematics and services. “All current VDO RoadLog customers have received the free software updates they will need to meet the new HOS requirements. The update is automatic and seamless as soon as the customer accepts the software deployment.”

VDO RoadLog is an all-in-one solution for daily log book and compliance reporting. Drivers can record and report hours of service as well as other key compliance data quickly and easily. VDO RoadLog is a complete regulatory compliance system that can help carriers and drivers protect their CSA scores.

There are no monthly fees, long-term contracts or smartphones required. This device features a built-in printer that creates an instant paper report of daily log book data so drivers can get through roadside inspections quickly. In addition to delivering automated HOS logs with GPS accuracy, VDO RoadLog can also provide other key compliance data such as Vehicle Inspection and Repair Maintenance (DVIR).

It can automatically track the driver’s time in one of four categories: on-duty, driving, sleeper berth or off-duty. It provides a warning if allowable limits will be exceeded. At the completion of a trip, the driver can download the data, which includes hours of service, vehicle inspections, shipping document and asset updates, to a Driver Key (USB).

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