VDO RoadLog features options for ELD connectivity

The Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket business unit of Continental has expanded its VDO RoadLog ELD portfolio for online and mobile connectivity. These new innovations include VDO RoadLog ELD Plus and VDO RoadLog Fleet Online, according to the company.

Designed specifically for fleets, VDO RoadLog Fleet Online is fleet management and compliance software that allows one or more fleet managers to access data simultaneously via an Internet connection. Records can be accessed from the road, office or home. Any RoadLog ELD or RoadLog ELD Plus user can use VDO RoadLog Fleet Online, whether they’re an owner operator or a fleet manager. VDO RoadLog Fleet Online is based on a fee model and Internet access is required in order to take advantage of its features.

Three levels of service are offered: VDO RoadLog Fleet Online Essentials, VDO RoadLog Fleet Online Compliance and VDO RoadLog Fleet Online Dispatch.

According to the company, key functions of RoadLog Fleet Online Essentials include a display of compliance issue notices with recommended follow-up actions, identification of compliance problems, customizable driver and vehicle groups for better organization, data access control for multiple users and user guides.

Fleet Online Compliance includes all of the capabilities of Fleet Online Essentials with the addition of the ability to receive log data directly from any VDO RoadLog ELD Plus with a cellular connection. In addition, with Fleet Online Compliance, fleet managers can see driver HOS change of duty status in near real-time as well as see the vehicles’ route and location.

Fleet Online Dispatch features all the capabilities of Fleet Online Compliance and adds a feature that allows fleet managers to assign work to drivers from a simple job status view, as well as text messaging to and from the driver and real-time driver and vehicle monitoring.

“These new innovations give VDO RoadLog a complete fleet management system capability that will not only improve operations and profitability for owner operators, fleet managers and fleet owners, but also the overall work experience as well,” noted Alexis Capelle, Continental Corporation ELD program manager.

Capelle added: “We now offer a complete family of solutions, from the most affordable fully compliant logbook automation solution for owner operators to a full-featured operational management solution for fleets.”

VDO RoadLog Fleet Online allows access from office, road or home, by one or more fleet managers, simultaneously, the company added. The Fleet Online Software can be used by any RoadLog ELD user and RoadLog ELD Plus users can upload data from the road.

VDO RoadLog Fleet Online Essentials is the online version of the VDO RoadLog desktop fleet management software. In addition to online access, it includes:

  • Custom driver and vehicle groups – Easy organization/management for large fleets
  • Privilege layers – multiple users roles control data access
  • Automatic log auditing – instantly identifies compliance problems
  • Exception dashboard - Instant notice of problems and follow-up actions
  • In-vehicle availability count down – shows driver remaining driving time
  • Route history mapping - Displays route and speed on map
  • Wizard tips - guides users through software steps
  • Data transfer- via VDO RoadLog Driver Key

VDO RoadLog Fleet Online Compliance includes all of the capabilities of Fleet Online Essentials and adds the ability to receive log data directly from any cellular connected VDO RoadLog ELD Plus. Features include:

  • Wireless Data Connection - Data upload anywhere with cellular connection (no additional cell phone required)
  • Remote Driver HOS availability - shows driver change of status in near real-time
  • Vehicle’s route and location in near real-time

A monthly subscription is required.

VDO RoadLog Fleet Online Dispatch includes all the capabilities of Fleet Online Compliance as well as:

  • Driver/Tractor Performance Monitoring - Monitors fuel usage, driver performance, alert dispatchers of vehicle breakdowns
  • Messaging – allows text communication between drivers and dispatch
  • Whiteboard Dispatch – allows load planning, load assignment, driver management
  • Increased frequency of vehicle location update

A monthly subscription is required.

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