Vehicle tracking software available on Android platform

Roadnet Technologies is now making its vehicle GPS tracking software available on the Android smartphone operating system. MobileCast enables companies to see transportation routes in real-time.

The software allows users to make changes to particular routes based on occurring events or conditions such as traffic or the needs of customers. Managers can manage by exception, which allows the user to view exact locations of the drivers and to respond to unexplained stops and provide pro-active customer service.

According to Roadnet, the MobileCast Android solution for smartphones is a proof-of-delivery application offering every basic piece of information needed for a paperless delivery system. The mobile application allows drivers to review their daily routes, complete stop surveys, examine stop information, record arrival and departure times, complete stop reconciliation, add delivery receipt information and mark stops as undeliverable.

“The integration of MobileCast on the Android platform is in direct response to our customer’s requirement for a flexible, high-functioning and user-friendly operating system that is easily upgradable,” said Len Kennedy, CEO. “The Android smartphone is rapidly building market share based on its larger display screens, customized desktops and numerous keyboard options, and perfectly complements our vehicle GPS tracking software package.”

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