Velociti adds technology support, maintenance services

Technology deployment services provider Velociti has expanded its offerings to include post-installation support and maintenance services of aftermarket technologies.

The latest offering provides a technology expertise that streamlines the management and maintenance of the growing number of aftermarket technology deployments in trucking operations, Velociti said. As an extension of a fleet's maintenance department that focuses on technology, this new service is a complete offering of maintenance and RMA management. It will assist in maintaining an inventory of replacement components, staging and configuring components and managing integrations with other enterprise management systems.

“Fleets know that effective maintenance of their assets can improve productivity, efficiency and lower costs,” said Deryk Powell, president. “Using an expert to support the rapidly growing number of transportation technologies in fleet operations, such as on-board communications, telematics and tracking systems, as well as facility-based information management solutions, means that company technicians can focus on keeping today’s complex equipment operating properly.

Velociti said its post-installation support service experts are trained to troubleshoot and resolve technology system issues remotely by phone as well as on site. Velociti also works regularly with dozens of technology providers on behalf of fleet customers, and can bring them online to help resolve issues quickly and effectively.

“Many fleets today are facing technician shortages, a challenge that is compounded by the need for staff that is trained to maintain and repair more complex vehicle systems,” Powell added. “With our new service we free up the in-house maintenance staff to focus on what they do best - keeping the fleet moving and generating revenue.”

The new service is available for a monthly per vehicle fee and is managed through Velogic, Velociti’s web-based project management portal. Fleets can track the status of support cases in real time through live reports and dashboards in the portal.


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