Velociti chosen by Border States Electric for technology deployment

Border States Electric (BSE), a North Dakota-based supplier of products and services to construction, industrial and utility customers, has chosen Velociti to deploy a range of technology solutions in its fleet.

Velociti technicians will install J.J. Keller’s E-Log system and DriveCam powered by Lytx in its fleet of 330 vehicles across 80 locations. Velociti will also provide employing training.

“Velociti is providing Border States Electric with a comprehensive deployment solution that includes project management, scheduling concurrent installations and training, inventory management, installation services, and real-time testing and verification,” said Mark Lester, BSE corporate operations. “The people at Velociti are true professionals that provide quality workmanship, are extremely thorough and efficient. When the need for contracted installation arose, Velociti really came through.”

BSE’s needs included deploying the JJ Keller E-Log System powered by Encompass and DriveCam powered by Lytx for Driver safety technology throughout its fleet to comply with the impending FMCSA e-log mandate and driver safety recommendations.

Velociti began by pilot testing mounting options to ensure the correct solution was in place for the company’s variety of vehicle types, including International and Kenworth tractors, Ford and GMC pick-ups, and Dodge vans. The company then developed a comprehensive deployment solution that included project and inventory management, installations and training, and testing and verification.

Velociti’s technicians, trained on a wide range of technology solutions, are installing the DriveCam units simultaneously with the JJ Keller E-Log system, which consists of the ELD, the JJ Keller Compliance Tablet and a fixed mount.

“Our ability to provide a rapid deployment solution along with flexible scheduling is allowing Border States Electric to implement an electronic logging solution for the variety of vehicle types in its operation, and meet its internal training needs,” said Deryk Powell, president of Velociti.  “Proper planning is essential to the success of any deployment solution, and it’s a tremendous benefit to our clients when they allow us to jump in and figure out the best solution, up front, to achieve their desired results. BSE understood that and gave us the flexibility we needed to implement the right plan for them. ”

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