Velociti to offer subscription-based technology deployment services

San Diego, CA. Velociti, Inc. announced the introduction of a subscription-based option for the delivery of its various technology deployment services at a press conference held here yesterday during the 2014 ATA Management Conference & Exhibition. Deryk Powell, president of Velociti, made the announcement.

Fleets can now customize Velociti’s new Deployment as a Service model for any onboard technology investment, Powell explained. Available for a monthly subscription per tractor, trailer or container, the program includes numerous technology deployment and support services from project planning, to installation design, hardware staging/configuration, shipping, scheduling and installation as well as numerous post-installation services such as 24/7 technical support, updates, inventory management and on-site repairs.

“We help fleets and technology providers by bridging the gap,” he told members of the press. “There is a cost to putting technology in place and making it work right. Now fleets have the option of outsourcing the whole process [from installation through updating, maintenance and repair.]”

Pricing for the service varies according to the level of support desired and the time required to install the hardware.  Very roughly speaking, the cost to support a system that requires a two-hour install would be about $9 per unit per month, Powell said. Subscriptions for repair only, tend to be about $3 to $4 per unit per month.

“Our focus has always been on helping technology providers and fleets properly plan, implement and support technology solutions quickly, efficiently and professionally, he noted. “Deployment as a service spreads out up-front costs and includes lifecycle support services at a predictable cost for our customers.”

With Deployment as a Service, Velociti offers an extended warranty and guaranteed timeframes for completion of installation and repairs. Fleets using the service also have real-time visibility into every aspect of the program via Velociti’s project management portal called “Velogic.”

The new subscription-based offering is also available to fleets that have already deployed a technology or technologies, but are finding it difficult to keep up with maintenance, updates, etc. According to Powell, fleets generally see about a 15% cost savings for outsourcing their technology deployment as opposed to handling it in-house.



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