Vigillo expands big data platform Athena’s capabilities

Vigillo said it has expanded the capabilities of its Athena big data platform due to the continued user growth of the product since its launch five months ago. According to the company, over 1 billion records on 17 enterprise servers have been uploaded to the Athena Cloud.

“We developed Athena to be the hub of all of the data that is critical to trucking, and have experienced tremendous growth in its use by the industry across a range of disciplines,” said Steve Bryan, CEO. “Athena’s ability to absorb a huge volume of data and to analyze big dollar challenges to a modern trucking company and provide valuable analytics is helping a growing number of companies make better business decisions. In order to meet the needs of our rapidly expanding customer base, we have added to our capabilities and our expertise.”

New customizable dashboards are among the new capabilities, which include:

  • A fuel dashboard that provides views of the location, volume and total purchases of fuel so a company can make informed decisions about fuel contract purchases and shipping routes and optimize purchasing. Fuel reports in Athena provide location information organized by supplier based on volume and cost, and supplier information relating to pricing trends.
  • A maintenance dashboard that uses private CSA data combined with internal vehicle maintenance and breakdown information to create reports that identify types of breakdowns and how this information compares to or is affected by corresponding inspections, violations and CSA points across a specific date range.
  • A U.S. Legal Channel and the court dispositions dashboard that reveals the disposition of driver citations by state, county, violation type, CSA/MVR, fine reduction, and time to disposition.

Also, the company said that Andy Kaplan has joined the firm as Athena’s technical account manager. Kaplan previously led a team at a datacenter solutions provider with a specialty in big data analytics, Microsoft and Oracle, and has established and expanded partnerships for IVOXY Consulting, Symantec Corporation and Hinds Instruments.

“The entire Vigillo team is focused on delivering big data in a useful, understandable format so business owners can operate their business fluidly,” Kaplan said. “A team with this much interest in providing a platform that drives their customer’s success is one that I’m excited to join. As a previous business owner myself, I understand the incredible value of Vigillo’s Athena big data platform that provides the trucking industry with organized, actionable data.”

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