Volpe Express installs new billing system

Volpe Express, a provider of both less-than-truckload and truckload services, is installing DDC FPO’s back office management system for around-the-clock bill entry processing and reporting through a cloud-based portal.

Volpe, currently in the midst of upgrading its entire IT and voice infrastructures, as well as its user interfaces, has worked with DDC FPO to build a separate, secure web page. The company said. This web page will allow DDC FPO billers to seamlessly log in and efficiently conduct high-quality bill entry processing and reporting.

“It’s working extremely well,” said Wendi Fitzsimmons, project manager for Volpe overseeing the DDC FPO program. “Typically in a system and department transition such as this, we would expect several bumps in the road. On the contrary, there has been very little to fix, and we are quite pleased with the results.”

Prior to selecting DDC, Volpe’s billing system was paper-driven as well as time-, labor- and dollar-consuming. According to Fitzsimmons, quality issues were rampant, causing a domino effect more detrimental than simply the initial cost issue.

Volpe Express is making a number of other technological upgrades, including the recent installation of cameras in its entire fleet, equipping drivers with recording and panic button capabilities. Additionally, drivers can now utilize mobile tablet devices equipped with custom-built apps, which allow the drivers to view, comment on and complete their work orders; capture pictures of freight; and communicate instantly to dispatch for updates to their schedule. Volpe is also in the process of rolling out a new EOBR application, which tracks hours of service for the drivers, fuel use and idle time, and improves overall fleet performance.

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