WEX to offer new data analytics platform

Corporate payment solutions enterprise WEX Inc. has announced the evolution of its data analytics platform. ClearView Snap will be released in June to provide fleet administration a simpler, speedier way to view business expenses, the company noted.

The second evolution from the original platform, ClearView Snap utilizes graphs and charts to organize information as part of the larger ClearView package.

ClearView Essentials’ machine learning and business intellect partners with the fuel price enhancement and messaging and campaign supervision capabilities of ClearView Advanced. Incorporating ClearView Snap provides records of patterns in business spending, emphasizes hazardous practices, and can highlight drivers who are noncompliant within specific areas, according to the company.

Together, the suite offers a breakdown of sectors comprising a fleet corporation. WEX vice president of analytics Kurt Thearling said the new platform is preventive by nature.

"By flagging areas of concern, ClearView Snap will enable fleets to address mishaps at early stages, helping protect their businesses from potential losses and long term problems," Thearling said.


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