Xata Turnpike fully integrated with Bolt dispatch systems

XRS Corp. announced that its Xata Turnpike system is now fully integrated with Bolt fleet management and trucking dispatch systems.

Integration with the company’s new mobile fleet management platform – XRS – will follow.

The integration will automate key functions throughout the load planning and back-end processes, providing fleets all the functions and services for end-to-end transportation efficiency, scalable for a wide range of customers.

“In an increasingly connected world, the transportation industry benefits from shared technology and information,” said Jay Coughlan, chairman and CEO of XRS. “Integrating with a widely-used system like Bolt will improve workflow and enhance data-sharing for both XRS and Bolt customers, with the primary goal of saving customers time and money.”

Using Xata Turnpike’s GPS data, Bolt can detect site arrival and departure events and update loads in Dispatch without manual intervention, XRS said. This eliminates manual data entry by dispatchers based on check calls from drivers saves time for both drivers and dispatchers, and improves data accuracy.

The integrated solution displays critical information – remaining driver hours, stop arrivals and load completions – and controls all dispatch activities from one screen. It also allows dispatchers to get more accurate and timely information from shippers, so they can close out orders and initiate billing without waiting for manual updates or driver paperwork.

“Our integration with XRS now presents our customers with another opportunity to enhance their dispatch and driver communication functions and get more out of our solution,” said Jerry Robertson, chief technology officer for Bolt. “We are committed to providing our customers with affordable, creative solutions for better communication, and this integration is going to be a huge benefit for them.”

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