Xora enhances StreetSmart mobile forms and mileage manager

Xora enhances StreetSmart mobile forms and mileage manager

Xora has updated its flagship mobile workforce management solution, StreetSmart, to add enhancements to its mobile forms and mileage manager apps.

With the upgrade, users of mobile forms can access all submitted form data from a single page, with filters for quickly narrowing in on the desired data, plus the ability to edit or complete partial form submissions. Also, new form sharing options provide the ability to automatically share form data upon submission or on-demand from the mobile app.

The mileage manager update includes enhancements that enable managers to export a PDF of the user route map, which displays the actual route of a trip taken compared with the Google Maps suggested route. Managers can share this visual route information with customers or review it with employees as well as archive it for future reference.

“The improvements we have made to the mobile forms and mileage manager provide functionality that isn’t available in mobile workforce management offerings from any other vendor,” said Tom Miltonberger, vice president of products and engineering for Xora. “These enhancements continue our track record of giving our users industry-leading capabilities that help them to work more effectively and efficiently.”

Xora StreetSmart is a suite of configurable mobile apps and a web-based management application for mobile phones or tablets.

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