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Central Freight Lines

Central Freight Lines picks Maven Machines for ELD solution

Company says new mobile ELD solution helps drivers manage regulatory and safety compliance.

Central Freight Lines selected Maven Machines' Maven ELD as the new compliance solution to be used across its fleet. Central Freight Line’s network consists of 80 terminals from Miami to Los Angeles across the southern belt.

Central Freight Lines is identified as a top-20 carrier in the LTL industry by Logistics Management

Maven ELD unifies fleet management by integrating compliance, telematics, and safety on a single mobile device paired to a plug-and-play vehicle data adapter (VDA). Maven Machines’ reimagined HOS experience is differentiated by:

  • Large buttons and a bright duty-status display that veers away from the dense line-graph view of paper logs
  • Driver-friendly one-touch access to all information
  • Automatic suggested notes that are context-aware
  • Pre-warning of violations
  • A Smart to-do list that assists drivers in maintaining compliance
  • Multiple safety features, including verbal feedback for braking and speeding.

“We tested many ELD systems, and the Maven ELD stood out as the technology of the future,” said Don Orr, CEO of Central Freight Lines. “We initially used them for California Labor Law compliance. Our positive experience with their design process, development speed, and quality of technology led us to standardize our fleet on Maven ELD,” Orr added. “It installs faster and is easier for our drivers and managers to use.”

“Central Freight Lines has over 90 years of trucking experience, and Maven is proud to support their long-held mission to lead the LTL industry in both safety and customer satisfaction,” said Avishai Geller, CEO of Maven Machines. “Central Freight’s drivers, especially those in California, may have to manage up to six hours of service (HOS) timers at once to meet compliance requirements between the Federal ELD rules and California Labor Laws. This is a clear opportunity for software to streamline a driver’s daily workload,” continued Geller.  “The near-complete adoption rate of Maven ELD by Central Freight drivers confirms the ease of use of our mobile technology and their immediate productivity gains.”

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