MiX Asset Manager offers real-time tracking

MiX Telematics released its MiX Asset Manager, which gives truck fleets visibility into the location of all types of assets as they move around worksites and depots.

MiX Asset Manager offers protection for mobile and fixed assets, such as vehicles, trailers, shipping containers and cargo, with or without a dedicated power source, the company noted. MiX said its Asset Manager provides an automatic, electronic registry of assets, with their status and locations so they can be:

  • Located and tracked on a map – historically or in real-time
  • Managed in terms of service intervals and odometer readings
  • Billed for when rented out.

In addition, MiX Asset Manager provides a range of asset tracking devices, including wired devices with a dedicated power source, solar-powered devices, wireless devices, battery-operated devices and MiX Tabs, a device for non-powered assets that leverages the communications networks of connected vehicles as they pass by.  Once data is collected and transmitted by a device, asset managers can access it via MiX Fleet Manager.

“Having visibility into your company’s transportation assets is critical for business owners,” said Pete Allen, executive vice president at MiX Telematics. “MiX Asset Manager can help businesses reduce the risk of assets being stolen, improve asset planning and utilization, and streamline operational efficiencies by electronically capturing asset details and their day-to-day movements.  We’re excited to help our clients better manage and protect assets, reduce costs and improve efficiency.”

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