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091119 Platform Science Schneider ELD.jpg Photo: Platform Science

Schneider rolls out Platform Science’s open, IoT telematics

Platform Science’s ELD allows fleets and drivers to use any apps and services that improve operations, whether developed internally or by third-party developers.

Schneider, a provider of truckload, intermodal and logistics services, has deployed Platform Science, an enterprise IoT telematics platform that looks to put more trucking innovations at drivers’ fingertips. And those potential innovations are expected to grow with the coming of 5G cellular networks.

The Platform Science product suite provides Schneider the flexibility to quickly and easily deploy new applications and services that respond to ever-changing compliance requirements while matching its operational profiles and greatly increasing the quality of the driver experience.

Thirty years ago, Schneider implemented the first generation of vehicle telematics with in-cab satellite communications. Now, the trucking company is looking to improve the driver experience with more innovations and Platform Science. Schneider will use Platform Science’s driver-friendly ELD; and use the platform to deploy any apps and services that improve operations, whether developed internally, by Platform Science or by third-party developers.

Within the next three years, 5G cellular service is expected to reduce the cost of operations and increase visibility for all stakeholders across the supply chain, according to the 2019 State of Logistics Report from the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP). 

Huge improvements in transfer speeds, latency, and device density can improve execution efficiency, according to the annual report released earlier this year. With greater network deployment and technological maturity expected more than three years from now, 5G’s increased networking capabilities will enable massive IoT, robotics, AI-based tools, and real-time tracking. Seamless execution and unassisted operations will transform the fundamental business economics of the industry in ways that will generate higher margins.

Platform Science replaces legacy telematics solutions with its IoT ecosystem designed to unlock the value of disconnected data streams throughout the transportation and logistics industry.

“Schneider has always been committed to operational excellence and identifying opportunities to use and create new technology. Our work with Platform Science allows us to immediately improve the driver experience, enhance efficiency and productivity, and provide the tools to future proof our telematics capability in an industry that needs speed to market more than ever,” said Mark Rourke, Schneider CEO.

Through tens of thousands of hours working side-by-side with drivers, compliance teams, back-office staff and third-party developers, Platform Science incorporated real-world operator experience and influence into the design of its platform. The result, according to the company, is a first-of-its-kind set of applications and tools for transportation and logistics companies and those that seek to better serve them through technology.

The Platform Science solution, comprised of a Connected Vehicle Device (CVD) for data, a web portal for fleet managers and mobile devices for drivers, is now being installed throughout Schneider’s fleet, which is responsible for moving 9.3 million freight miles per day.

“Platform Science is thrilled to work with Schneider on the launch of our fleet management technology,” said Jack Kennedy, CEO at Platform Science. “They are the perfect partner to support our vision of enabling fleets to improve drivers’ lives, improve efficiency of their operations and to rapidly innovate on their own technology vision. We look forward to seeing how Schneider will use and innovate on the platform to address their unique needs.”

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