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Transflo unveils new technology bundle, solar-powered trailer tracking

Transflo announced it is now offering a new digital ecosystem called Transflo Bundle+ that is aimed at assisting fleets and drivers better manage efficiency and compliance directly from mobile devices.

The Transflo Bundle+ is an extension of the popular Transflo Mobile+, and includes electronic logging device compliance, weigh station bypass, fleet navigation and scanning.

“Fully integrating these features with Transflo Mobile+ and offering them in one package deepens our commitment to helping users stay connected and manage their business with powerful telematics, mobile devices, and cloud-based applications,” said Don Mitchell, marketing director.

Transflo’s Bundle+ plan includes no upfront hardware costs for fleets of 26 trucks or more and lifetime upgrades on ELD hardware.

The company also introduced Transflo Trailer Tracking, a solar-powered device that integrates into the Mobile+ platform to give fleets near real-time communications and GPS tracking of trailers and containers. 

“Adding asset tracking to the industry’s most powerful cloud-based business management and telematics platform lets Transflo Mobile+ users know precisely when and how their equipment is performing at any time, even when it’s not connected to a tractor or power source,” said Doug Schrier, vice president of product and innovation.

The telematics unit attaches to the trailer or other asset with just four rivets, screws or bolts. The solar cell and large backup battery provide virtually uninterrupted untethered power.

“Having the telematics device continuously report its location is ideal for trailer pools, ‘power-only’ freight, temperature-controlled fleets, and any operation where you want to eliminate unproductive time and improve communication with drivers, customers, administrators, and maintenance personnel,” said Schrier. “Because the unit is solar powered, it can be mounted to virtually any asset, which extends its value and versatility.”

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