Ford 2018 F-350 Super Duty XL Photo: Ford Motor Co.
Verizon Connect has extended its partnership to provide fleet management products for Ford commercial vehicles.

Verizon Connect extends partnership with Ford

Verizon Connect has extended its strategic partnership with Ford Commercial Solutions to deliver fleet management software tools and embedded connectivity to Ford commercial customers.

Last week, Ford announced new Data Services products facilitated by its cloud-based interchange, the Transportation Mobility Cloud, that provide access to "OEM-grade" verified commercial vehicle data for fleets and telematics providers. The automaker has made a goal of embedding connectivity in all its vehicles, and this access to vehicle data is intended to help commercial customers take advantage of the vehicles' embedded connectivity.

Verizon Connect has a history with the automaker and is one of the telematics providers Ford has authorized to access the Transportation Mobility Cloud data from its vehicles. In 2016, Verizon acquired and assimilated Telogis, which has delivered hardware and services to Ford fleets since 2011 and was the first to initiate service on Ford's embedded connectivity hardware.

"We have eight years of history working with Ford embedded systems and Ford's innate knowledge of their vehicles," Kevin Moore, vice president of global OEM automotive sales at Verizon Connect, told Fleet Owner. "Continuing to enhance that data set and enhance that intellectual knowledge of what those data sets mean with our own business acumen and intelligence helps commercial customers and fleets make sense of the information," Moore continued.

Verizon Connect's fleet management offerings for Ford customers include services such as business process automation, driver coaching and improvement, and route planning, scheduling and optimization.

Verizon Connect said it will work closely with Ford Commercial Solutions to leverage the automaker's new Data Services product, which fleets can think of as more open access to their Ford vehicle data. The fleet management company's offerings aim to enhance commercial customers' ability to harness, understand and improve processes courtesy of that data access.

In addition to embedded solutions and connectivity for Ford Commercial Solutions customers, aftermarket hardware can also be purchased directly from Verizon Connect and through Ford commercial dealers, the companies noted.  

"We are pleased to extend the partnership with Verizon Connect as an authorized Ford Telematics service provider to help our mutual customers benefit from our new Data Services product," said Lee Jelenic, CEO Ford Commercial Solutions.


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