3Gtms and FourKites expand temperature monitoring integration

3Gtms, a provider of Tier 1 transportation management software, announced that its transportation management system, 3G-TM, now features integrated temperature tracking services in partnership with FourKites. FourKites is a real-time supply chain visibility and predictive analytics platform that shippers and 3PLs trust to track shipment location and temperature, and to proactively manage exceptions.

With a deeper integration and greater data sharing capabilities, food shippers and 3PLs that rely on 3Gtms and FourKites technology will find that temperature tracking has never been more automated or easier. The expanded control and visibility enables them to more closely monitor freight and ensure compliance with customer and regulatory requirements. When carriers accept tenders, the latest version of the 3G-TM TMS, v17.2, initiates tracking by automatically sending load details with temperature requirements to FourKites. Customers can establish, use, monitor and pass to FourKites’ load-level temperature requirements and receive real-time temperature readings with each status update to 3G-TM.

“Today’s food and beverage shippers contend with FSMA compliance requirements to monitor temperatures of freight in transit,” explained Peter Yost, Senior Director of Strategic Alliances at FourKites. “The FourKites temperature tracking service reports location and temperature data every 15 minutes to give shippers a complete and real-time view of their shipments. Now, using 3G-TM, users initiate tracking and FSMA logging requirements all seamlessly and automatically from within the TMS.”

“FourKites’ real-time tracking and notification abilities, combined with the automated workflow-based execution built into 3G-TM, allows unprecedented levels of control, monitoring and response,” noted J.P. Wiggins, vice president of logistics at 3Gtms. “You can fulfill your FSMA compliance and improve customer service with automated responses, customer status dashboards and user portals. It’s the best of both worlds.”

These latest temperature features are available immediately to all 3G-TM licensed users.

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