AscendTMS partners with FreightRover

InMotion Global announced that AscendTMS has partnered with FreightRover to take the industry one step closer to what it calls “true paperwork automation.”

According to the companies, the key differentiator of this integration is that a two-way connection exists between FreightRover and AscendTMS, allowing any accepted load by a carrier or driver, via the FreightRover website or app, to automatically update the AscendTMS software. Once a load is accepted by the carrier, AscendTMS is updated with the correct carrier for the broker or shipper, and the load is immediately un-posted.

If carriers also use AscendTMS, they have the option of having the load sent to them electronically, directly into their AscendTMS account.  The AscendTMS logistics software, including the FreightRover integration, is being provided to any FreightRover customer at no charge.

“Every freight broker, shipper, and carrier customer of ours have asked us help automate the repetitive typing in of loads and the updating of them as the parties book a loads,” according to Tim Higham, president and CEO of InMotion Global. “This is the first time any TMS has managed to do this. Our open API allows FreightRover to communicate with one or both parties in the transaction so we can update their TMS systems with absolutely no technical work by the AscendTMS customer.”

AscendTMS will be offered to FreightRover customers at no cost to fully manage their logistics businesses.

“It only makes sense for us to integrate with such an innovative platform as AscendTMS,” said Eric Meek, CEO of FreightRover. “FreightRover was designed to streamline the business of transportation, and we fully believe users will be very impressed with the synergies created between these two platforms.” 

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