Scandit now offers barcode scanning to any app

Scandit just released a new scanning application called Keyboard Wedge for Android, iOS and Windows. According to the company, the new Keyboard Wedge enables companies in logistics to add enterprise-grade barcode scanning to any application without any additional development or integration effort.

Keyboard Wedge allows users to scan multiple barcodes at once or only scan certain barcodes. On an Android device, users can scan barcode data into multiple input fields at once. The application is remotely configurable for management of large deployments, and distribution and scanner configuration can be managed through any mobile device management solution.

“Keyboard Wedge is the next big step in making our data capture technology easier to use for large organizations with existing enterprise implementations,” said Samuel Mueller, CEO of Scandit. “Now there are no longer any technical barriers that prevent users from deploying our scanning technology in major vendor enterprise apps such as ERP, WMS and POS on smartphones or tablets throughout their organizations.”

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