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Heico acquires Astro Tecnologia

The Heico Companies announced it has completed the acquisition of Astro Tecnologia, one of Brazil’s manufacturers of cargo securement systems, webbing, lifting slings and supplemental decking equipment.

“Heico has a long-established leadership position in North America’s load securement marketplace and has been making steady inroads into the major South American markets of Argentina, Chile, Peru and Colombia for years,” Steve Frediani, president and CEO of Heico’s Ancra platform, explained. “With the acquisition of Astro Tecnologia, we have significantly enhanced our offensive posture in both Brazil and the entire South American continent as a whole.”

“Astro Tecnologia has a seasoned management team that have solid relationships with Brazil’s largest and most respected trailer manufacturers,” Frediani added. “Their mature, nationwide distribution network and sales force enhances Heico’s ability to bring its diverse transportation cargo securement product offering to Brazil and to the broader South American marketplace.”

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