Three new trailer telematics solutions introduced by Phillips Connect Technologies

Phillips Connect Technologies (PCT) demonstrated the capabilities of its new TrailerNet, ChassisNet, and ContainerNet transportation technology platforms during the the Technology & Maintenance Council’s annual meeting in Atlanta last week.

The new trailer telematics solutions are designed to address many of the major challenges facing transportation providers and bring “transformational” improvements.

“I can tell you from my fleet experience that unexpected downtime, CSA violations, logistical inefficiencies and component failures all negatively impact a fleet,” said Gerry Mead, executive director of innovation for PTC. “The PCT product platforms address all those issues.”

The new additions to the PTC product line-up are available with wired or wireless communications from trailer components. Each offer a range of capabilities:

  • TrailerNet Gateway: Available now are the GPS and the Plus package, which come standard with GPS, geofencing, trailer mileage, and 7-way voltage reporting.  It has the option to add nine additional compatible sensors, such as door sensors and cargo sensors.

  • ChassisNet Gateway: The GPS, Plus, and Pro packages are available now. The Plus package offers options to add seven compatible sensors, and the PRO package, eight compatible sensors.

  • ContainerNet Gateway: The GPS and Plus packages are available now.  The Plus package offers options to add four compatible sensors, such as door and cargo sensors.

According to the company, all new product packages introduced at TMC are designed to communicate and integrate into one master channel of information.

Every PCT telematic solution has access to the company’s proprietary user interface that provides customized dashboards, maps, maintenance summaries and detailed reports.

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