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2019 Fleet Owner For-Hire 500: Trailers

Who are the Top 50 for-hire carriers with the most trailers?

Combined, the top 500 for-hire fleets operate a total of 1,558,019 trailers. In this list, we break down the inaugural Fleet Owner For-Hire 500 list into the top 50 carriers by total trailers in a fleet.

The ranking number, in the first column, shows where the fleet places in the overall 2019 For-Hire 500 list. The 2019 Fleet Owner For-Hire 500 rankings are based on total power units operated by a fleet as of November 2018. And while trailers are not factored into the For-Hire 500 rankings, the data is still worth sharing. You can view the complete list here.

The For-Hire 500 is also available here as a PDF. Click the box below to view the top 50 trucks list, which is also sortable by rank, company name, operating type, city, and total trailers. (Note to mobile users: If you do not see all the columns in this list, please ask your mobile browser to show the desktop version of the website; instructions on how to do this for iPhones is here and for Android phones is here.)

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