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Cadec, TelaPoint alliance helps rein in costs

Fleets looking to rein in costs can take advantage of a new alliance between Cadec Global and TelaPoint

Fleets looking to rein in costs can take advantage of a new alliance between Cadec Global and TelaPoint, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wright Express. Under terms of the deal, fleets can run TelaPoint software on Cadec On-Board Computers, enabling dispatchers to communicate data such as fuel pricing, lifting and dropping information, site inventory levels, freight settlement charges, customer signature capture and individual order status wirelessly to the driver.

Cadec provides fleet management systems to track everything from truck speed and location to fuel consumption. TelaPoint provides transportation planning systems that help fuel distributors allocate orders appropriately while improving their ability to react quickly to unplanned events, greatly increasing the productivity of dispatchers.

The alliance benefit customers in many ways, the companies said, including finding up-to-the-minute fuel prices, reducing cycle times for billing and payroll, reduce excess in-ground inventory, run-outs, diversions and split loads, reduce paperwork and automate collection of invoices.

"This joint solution will help fuel distributors gain unprecedented insight into delivery operations and costs," said Steven Rubin, TelaPoint gm. "The ability to save even a few cents a gallon by carefully tracking pricing in real time can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in net gain for a large distributor. We're very excited to be working with Cadec, which is so well known for its fleet management expertise, to provide this revolutionary technology to our customers."

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